Workspace Print and Design: The Key to Increased Productivity

Research aside, an aesthetic and inspiring workspace where we want to be, rather than where we have to be, is surely one in which we’ll be more creative, more productive and happier. According to Management Today, a near-unanimous 97% of employees regarded their place of work as a symbol of whether or not they were valued by their employer.

As freelancers and ‘micro-taskers’ seek-out more creative and productive working environments, leading employers are quickly responding to the desire to provide carefully crafted workspaces that provide the stimulation required to inspire their staff and drive them away from the countless digital/social distractions facing them. Across the globe, co-working spaces seem likely to expand, with an estimated 1.7 million people predicted to be working in 19,000 co-working spaces by the end of 2018. Therefore, there has never been a more important time to focus on the interior design of the workspace; from print, to signage and business signs; from display lettering and signage design, through to vinyl graphics and printing; from fixtures and fitting through to the right office furniture.

Here at Anton Visual we’ve provided workspace solutions for a growing number of organisations, spanning varying sizes and sectors. Our corporate headquarters design for Strukta Group delivered a striking, modern workspace with strong customer-facing branding. Our executive suite design and installation for leading tea brand, Twinings, embraced both the current corporate colours and branding styles, whilst recognising the rich heritage of Twinnings Tea worldwide.

Our end-results will satisfy customers and workers alike. Healthy, happy people will be more productive and more engaged with their work and their organisation (Dr. Judith Heerwagen, Environmental Psychologist). If you believe this too, then click here to find out how Anton Visual can help you to achieve the ideal workspace for your organisation.