From Office Workspace Print and Graphics to Your Very Own Desk

We understand that the way we design our workspace can influence creativity, mood and of course, productivity. Here at Anton Visual we design workspaces that reflect client brands and help employers to make their teams feel more appreciated and involved in the environment they occupy. From business signage and printed window films, to wall coverings; from printed and cut vinyl to custom framed graphics, we’ve designed workspaces for large and well known organisations across the region. However, what does your own workspace say about you, and by this, we mean your very own desk?

The Telegraph detailed environmental psychology research from Headspace Group. This ‘evidence-based breakdown’ of what information can be gathered from a person’s workspace resulted in 5 clear character categories.  Which one do you fall into?

1: The first is the Clutterer: This individual’s desk is cluttered, chaotic, colourful and the desk of an extrovert. Clutterers surround themselves with bright lights, ‘knickknacks’ related to their work and have a demand for social interaction.

2: Minimalist: Their tidy and organised workspace communicates that they are conscientious, orderly, disciplined and cautious people. The Minimalist will organise his or her files, will label and date desk items, sharpen pencils and so forth. Although the Minimalist may not be the most creative of individuals, being conscientious, they tend to be hard-working and reliable.

3: Expander: This character increasingly encroaches into other’s space. Every day their part of the desk seems to grow a little; from a new stack of files, to gadgets and even food serving to mark their territory in the workplace. Some do this more than others and this territorial behaviour could signal that a person is more dominant or aggressive, or perhaps less sensitive to others around them.

4: Surveyor: The Surveyor forms his or her own own little fortress at the back of the office. They will find a space with their back to the wall and with a good view of what may be going on around them, or coming towards them. With a strong need for refuge, Surveyors are introvert and enjoy their own space, often overwhelmed by too much stimulation. Although they may distance themselves from the crowd, Surveyors are helpful, cooperative and sympathetic. Introverts in their own fortress.

5: Personaliser: This individual is just that; individual. They tend to develop distinctive, stylish and unusual workspaces, something which indicates openness and creativity. On the Personaliser’s desk you’ll see a variety of books and magazines spanning numerous topics, along with artwork on their wall. A highly personalised office suggests that Personalisers are extrovert, with female Personalisers liking more personalisation than their male counterparts, utilising more plants and social items like photos. Being more open, the Personaliser will often seat themselves in front of a window for enhanced stimulation and creativity.

Whichever of these categories you feel that you fit into, to discuss how to achieve outstanding workspace design, click here to speak to Anton Visual now!