Business Signage Design: Driving Brand Recognition

Business Matters reports how in a recent study, some 74% of consumers have entered a store they might not otherwise have visited based on its exterior advertising. In addition, a further 68% of consumers believe that signage reflects the quality of a product or a service. A recent Scottish news item reports how an Aberdeen-based restaurant is losing circa £500 a day purely due to a lack of signage on a section of the local bypass. The news and research on signage design is certainly extensive and all roads point to the understanding that striking business signage that identifies your organisation, that conveys your core values and branding and that effectively engages your target groups is of the utmost importance.

As you will see from these images, Anton Visual delivers engaging signage solutions to organisations across the UK.  We provide External Branding, Sign Trays, Illuminated Signage, and Neon and Electronic Signs. Inside your premises we can design and instal an array of Internal Branding, as well as Wayfinding Graphics and Signage.  It might be the case that your premises require information-focussed signage and graphics, or you might need your business unit to stand from the crown and at a distance.

Whatever your signage requirements, the Anton Visual team has the know-how and experience you can rely on, having worked with all signage types, from traditional business signage, right through to the very latest lit and printed signage solutions.

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