How Workspace Graphics Work For Brands Like Twinings, Strava and Blue Frontier

With such a great summer upon us, many of us like to get out and about, enjoying the great weather and getting some exercise.  If you’re a user of the Strava fitness app, then you’ll love their offices as much as their products.  Anton Visual was recruited by McFeggon Brown to provide Strava’s UK regional offices with workspace graphics and design that reflects this sporty, outdoors, modern and forward-thinking brand.

Keeping an outdoor theme (well, Workspace Graphics-wise), Anton Visual helped Westcountry Group provide Digital Agency Blue Frontier with workspace graphics that include dramatic mountain ranges, space scenes and other superb graphical printed wall coverings.  Operating within an industry with a notoriously high staff turnover rate, a relaxing, aesthetically-pleasing workspace has been proven to provide employees with heightened creativity, satisfaction and happiness. 

For leading tea brand, Twinings, Anton Visual’s workspace design team helped to transform the company’s global headquarters in Hampshire through the provision of new workspace interior design and decoration of the company’s executive suite.  The designs embraced the company’s corporate branding styles, whilst at the same time recognising the heritage of Twinings teas.

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