Let’s Not Forget the Importance of Traditional Print

Although we tend to spend a lot of our time online these days and many of us are putting more and more effort into promoting our products and services digitally, let’s not forget the importance of traditional business stationery, printing and office supplies.

The ubiquitous business card that we freely give and take at meetings, at networking events and at exhibitions will be forever relevant and a true business essential. Our headed paper, compliment slips and invoices all convey our brand’s status and values to the multitude of important people who receive them and the quality of our brochure printing will be a constant reminder to each and every one of its recipients. Therefore, injecting some genuine creativity, investing in quality print processes and producing business stationery and office supplies that ‘stand out from the crowd’ will always have a relevancy and place in any modern business model.

Based in Andover, Hampshire, Anton Visual has a track record in providing stationery and office supplies to organisations ranging from local businesses and organisations, through to genuinely global organisations. We’re ideas-people and we like to think ‘outside of the box’, utilising creative and innovative print processes and mediums.

So, not forgetting traditional business stationery and printing, let’s acknowledge some interesting stationery facts and figures:

  • Coloured Business Cards: Prospects will hold on to a colour card ten times longer than a standard one
  • Sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 business cards you hand out
  • 87% or people given a promotional gift retain it for 12 months or more
  • 94% of those receiving promotional products remember the brand behind it
  • As many as 79% of leaflet recipients either keep, pass to a friend, or glance over contents of a leaflet distribution item

Engaging, versatile and creative, print is, and will remain, a vital marketing medium. Anton Visual provides business cards, business stationery, business brochures and corporate literature, along with photo printing, poster printing and printing onto most types of promotional items you can imagine.

For ideas and inspiration, click here to speak to a member of Anton Visual’s stationery design and print team now!