Workspace and Workplace Design: Chaos and Order

Workspace and workplace design is certainly something that more and more forward-thinking companies are switching onto and terms that we’re seeing more and more in Marketing and business media.

As an example, Raconteur ran a feature on the ‘future workplace’ and examined how creating a vibrant, creative workplace can be the difference between retaining top talent and losing it.   Raconteur references The Future Workplace Report (published by The Times) that explores how much workplace design matters and how workspaces provide productivity, creativity and happiness to employees.  The report also examines how the workspace can contribute towards emotional intelligence and how it’s vital for successful middle management.

Another interesting Raconteur item looks at Google’s 8th Avenue HQ and how workplace design affects how its staff work.  With no permanent desks, staff are encouraged to move around their workspace, thus potentially interacting more with colleagues.  This approach to workspace design is referred to as “orchestrated chaos” which encourages ‘casual collisions’: interactions that provide conversation and ideas sharing.

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