Improved Retention – Fewer Sick Days – Innovative Workspace Design

The argument for workspace design and its positive impact on staff health, wellbeing and retention has never been stronger, it seems.

As HR News reports this month how employee resignations are at a five year high, The Guardian details how average sick days-per-year amount to around 4.1 days per worker throughout the UK, with absence rates of 1.7% across private sector organisations and at 2.5% across the public sector. Among 25 to 34-year-olds some 9.6% of sick days are attributed to mental health conditions, a figure rising since 2009.

Facilities Management Journal builds a strong case to encourage organisations to invest in workspace design. It examines a recent study conducted by the British Council for Offices (BCO): ‘Wellness Matters: Health and Wellbeing in offices and what to do about it’ provides insight into how to enhance health and wellbeing across an office building’s lifecycle. It acknowledges recent and relevant medical evidence that justifies how a proactive approach to health and well-being lies in the built environment, providing benefits that extend far beyond improvements in productivity.

Our environments affect us hugely. If our workspaces can not only enhance productivity, but also contribute to towards improved health and wellbeing, the returns on investment amplify.

SMEWeb refers to a Human Spaces report that conveys how the inclusion of natural elements in the workspace provides businesses the chance to get ‘truly creative’. Achieving what is referred to as a biophilic design might include features including more natural light, including plants and greenery and considering outdoor working areas and green walls. SMEWeb also looks at enhancing employee health through the clever planning of office furniture. The ‘Get Britain Standing’ movement encourages companies to introduce sit-stand desks that reduce workplace inactivity. In addition, companies including Uber and PwC have introduced sleeping pods to allow employees to take power naps, something that has been proven to increase, not only productivity, but employee health and wellbeing.

As the research supporting enhanced health and wellbeing through workspace design mounts, Anton Visual continues to provide more and more Fit Out companies with the innovative workspace design services they demand to satisfy the growing numbers of forward-thinking organisations and employers. Working in tandem with Fit Out companies across London and the surrounding areas, Anton Visual provides a complete array of in-house workspace design services.

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