Enhancing Employee Experience Through Workspace Design

If you work within HR and Marketing, you’ll undoubtedly hear the term Employee Experience being utilised more and more; the concept of creating working environments that mirror those of a company’s customer experience.  Following the recruitment and retention of top talent, employers strive to provide a holistic working experience for their staff, catering for their personal, professional and social values.
Creating an enhanced Employee Experience draws upon putting people first, through creating a human-centred workspace.  Firstly, employers might involve staff by creating more and more opportunities to hand out rewards and to look for advancement opportunities. Secondly, employees can provide digital technologies to help make their teams feel more connected, such as Basecamp, Slack and Trello: Applications that all enhance group collaboration and shared workflow.
Thirdly, the building of meaningful workspaces plays a huge roll in how employees perceive their relationship with their employer.  As we’ve also touched on before, CMSWire echoes how, as well as providing shared workspaces, employers should also consider providing employees with opportunities to work autonomously.  Additionally, positive Employee Experience is highly focussed around making the workspace inviting and a happy place to work; something that can be enhanced through design features including artwork on the walls, access to multiple workspaces and amenities such as complimentary snacks and beverages.  The key is to develop workspace design that instills a heightened sense of wellbeing whilst stimulating a positive relationship between worker and company.
Anton Visual provides scores of London Fit Out companies and organisations with the full workspace design, production and instal services they need to produce exciting, meaningful and successful workplaces; workspaces that enhance Employee Experience and engage with happy, creative staff.

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