Point of Sale: Where Design Influences Consumer Behaviour

The most likely place you’ll come across Point of Sale, or P.O.S design, is in your preferred supermarket. It’s an environment where teems of brands and products are vying for your attention, and when they have it, striving to persuade you of the benefits to be had when you make that final buying decision i.e. to grab their item off the shelf and take it home to try. From supermarket aisles, to your local corner shop counter, it’s the products that utilise the most effective P.O.S design and print that victor, and without effective retail P.O.S, many products become muted by countless competing products, brands and offers.

When we navigate supermarket aisles, naturally, we firstly look for the ‘low hanging fruit’, being the products that effortlessly align with our line of vision. However, well designed retail packaging and signage can certainly encourage us to stray from the obvious products, tempting us to try novel and new items for a change. Next time you’re doing your shop, take a good look at the end of the aisles that meet the centre aisle. You’ll undoubtedly see some examples of items being pushed through P.O.S design as new, or discounted. You’ll see banner stands, tags, labels and from time-to-time, promotional staff thrusting flyers, coupons and other promotional items towards you.

Cosmetics aisles and stands are adorned with sophisticated display units that instil exclusivity and quality. Their lavish imagery and expensive-looking build are difficult to ignore and it’s the products featuring complementary design and print mediums that stand out even more.

Whilst you await your turn at the checkout, novel packaging displays elevate and present their content in ways we find hard to ignore. From the front of the checkout belt, along its entire length, it’s the innovative P.O.S design that dominates the spotlight and leverages that all-important sale.

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