Retail and POS Design: Merchandising Tips for Christmas

As retailers across the country prepare their Christmas merchandising and retail displays, writing for Customer Think, Tullika Tiwary highlights Visual Merchandising tips that only experts would know.

Helping retail clients throughout the country, Anton Visual provides retailers, fit-out companies and merchandisers with the bespoke retail and point of sale design and printing they need to provide retail experiences that capture the imagination and business of customers.

1: Start With The Shop Window
The store window has a limited time to capture the attention of passers-by. Window displays combining aesthetics and creativity will draw their attention. Ensure that displays are attractive, yet uncluttered and neat. It should spark curiosity and motivate viewers to step inside the store to find out more.

2: Place Special Collections and Sales Prominently
Special collections and sale items should be shown off. Place these items at the front of the store so that customers see them first when they enter the store. Also, place them close to related sections so that shoppers are enticed to make related purchases.

3: Use Retail Signage
Creative retail signage will draw customers’ attention to special offers and direct them to different sections. Make sure that signage matches the visual theme of the store and that they are not too large and over-bearing. Their height should render them clearly visible and their lettering should be easy to read.

4: Group Your Products
Create special sections to show off related items with a view to motivating customers to purchase the complete collection. Grouping products inspires shoppers to think of the group as one whole set, rather than single items and could well help to cross-sell additional items from the same range.

5: Encourage Impulse Purchases
By placing accessories next to apparel, Bluetooth devices next to mobile gadgets, displaying toys and baby clothes next to baby care products etcetera, encourages unplanned, or impulse purchases.

Indulgence retail point of sale product dispenser6: Create Photo-Worthy Displays
By focussing on one or two ‘hero’ displays i.e. awe-inspiring display sections, customers will be inspired to take photographs. By encouraging them to ustilise a #hashtag, the viral nature of social media can provide you with free advertising through online word-of-mouth.

7: Keep Changing
We’ve mentioned before that changing store layout frequently creates differentiation. As shoppers lose interest in retail environments quickly, new layouts re-engage customers who like to see new products and fresh merchandise.

Number 8 is, of course, speak to a member of the Anton Visual team. With ideas galore, as part of our full design, print and fitting service, we can even provide samples to assist your planning. Click here to get in touch!