Retain Your Staff with Great Workspace Design points out how an alarming number of workers regularly think about changing their job. So whilst the estimated one-in-ten of us are looking for ‘pastures greener’, Anna Jordan reminds us that a poor working environment could be one of the reasons for this and she goes on to explore the role that the workspace plays in employee retention.

A recent study on staff retention saw 76 per cent of respondents agree that a well-functioning and attractive workspace contributes towards retaining employees. Lighting, break-out and thinking spaces were all deemed to influence staff morale.

It is not just larger, creative companies in the UK’s big cities that should consider their workspace design though. SME’s from all sectors and regions also need to focus on retaining their staff and should communicate to their employees how much they are valued.  With the cost of recruiting and then training new workers being even more critical to smaller organisations, by listening to what staff need, businesses may need to redesign their working spaces.

Anton Visual has worked closely with organisations of all sizes and spanning various industries, helping them to provide engaging and pleasing workspaces, from inspiring office spaces, to uplifting dining spaces and creative break-out areas. We also provide fit out specialists throughout the Hampshire, Home Counties and London region with a full creative, print and installation service, and we can even provide samples throughout the design and specifying stages of any project.

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