Workspace Design Trends for 2019

As Anton Visual’s 2019 takes shape, we thought we’d look at a few trends for the year ahead.

Because Workspace Design is a large part of our service offering, let’s take a look at five emerging trends from that highlight the value of ’identifiable’ workspaces.

1: No Set Cubicle Space – Today’s businesses have expanded their boundaries. Staff are connecting more, both physically and online.  Therefore, identification by cubicle is neither expected, nor accepted.  The modern workspace should be a well-connected location, designed to encourage interaction and connectivity.

2: More Collaborative Space – Supporting what we’ve mentioned in previous blogs surrounding break-out and social spaces, a large part of today’s work is collaborative and happens in shared spaces.

3: Health is Wealth – A plethora of research highlights how workspace design can enhance health and wellbeing, resulting in happier, better performing staff. Elements of colour, textures, better air quality and ergonomic designs enhance comfort and wellbeing.  Another health consideration is to consider desk systems that also allow workers to stand and work, an alternative to sitting and slouching all day long.

4: Lighting is key – PoE (Power over Ethernet) and LED lighting systems enable buildings to interact directly with end-users and the environment. For instance, lighting that mimics sunlight and changes with the time and seasons allows staff bio-rhythms to be maintained.

5: Quirky Interiors – Workspace Designs are increasingly incorporating colours, textures and decor that create eclectic work spaces.  Although it is important to maintain a sense of order with the workplace , there’s a trend towards making spaces feel ‘aged’, offering other surprises throughout the workspace, such as arty pieces of furniture to make spaces feel ‘homely’.

Anton Visual provides fit out companies across Hampshire, London and the Home Counties with a full service of design, print and install services.  With our unbounded creativity and an array of state-of-the-art machinery, we can even provide samples throughout any project timeline.

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