Anton Visual ‘How To’ – BOB’S Built Wood Lettering Signage

Following on from our recent blog post that detailed a Workspace Design project for a prestigious global food brand (see here), we thought you may be interested in a little ‘behind-the-scenes’ information on the Anton Visual team made the BOB’s diner sign: a bespoke ‘fairground style’ lit sign that forms the centre-piece of the Rich Foods UK headquarters Workspace Design project.

While we use our machinery to good effect, there is always a degree of hand finishing required for custom signs such as this, to ensure the end result is exactly what’s required.

Choice of materials
Each project is unique and so the choice of materials varies a great deal depending on the end result desired by the customer. For this project we chose to work with a 9mm MDF base board, along with a real wood veneer and high quality wood-effect vinyls.

Step 1 – Application of veneer to board
In preparation for cutting the lettering, first we need to apply a layer of the wood vinyl to the face of the board.

Step 2 – Cutting of lettering
The letters were then cut on our Zund CNC Router, including the holes where the bulb holders will ultimately sit.

Step 3 – Creation and application of edging strips

A real wood veneer was stuck back-to-back to create an appropriate surround for the lettering, giving the impression of much chunkier characters. This was then stuck and pinned in place around each of the letters.

Step 4 – Bulb holder installation & wiring
Once all materials had dried, the bulb holders were attached to the letters in their pre-cut holes. Wiring was then worked out and fed through the reverse of the panel. A quick test with a single bulb at this stage confirms all electrics are working – much better to find this out now, rather than after all the bulbs have been fitted!

Step 5 – Install bulbs and test!
Now we know the electrics all work fine, we go ahead an install all of the bulbs for a full product test, ensuring each and every element looks exactly as it should and everything works as expected.

Now we are happy that the sign is tested and complete, we remove all bulbs for transport and we package and prepare for install.

Next stop – the client’s wall!

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