Glass Manifestations – Workspace Printing to Transform Glass

Providing a full service workspace design and workspace printing service to fit-out specialists throughout Hampshire, London and the Home Counties, a great deal of Anton Visual’s work involves the provision of glass manifestations.

With a multitude of options, glass manifestations needn’t be solely a requirement – why not utilise this opportunity to brighten up your office workspaces?

Plain Frosted Designs

Designs can take the form of solid etch – either a single band, a pair of bands, or rows of dots and cut logos and designs tailored to specific requirements of the workspace.

This solution can look great and is the easiest way to meet Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements, often used where budget is more of a concern and meeting the requirements of DDA is the primary purpose of the glass manifestation.

Bespoke Printed Frosted Designs

For a slightly more interesting approach, Anton Visual can print to the face of the vinyl, enabling us to add colours and designs, resulting in a more aesthetically-pleasing solution.

We can print in colour, or even with white ink to create the desired result.  This approach means that we can start introducing graphics, images and effects for stunning end-results.

Optically Clear Printed

This option can create a fantastic appearance and allows designs to work independently from the potential restrictions of using an etch film.

Optically-clear printed film can give more flexibility of design and looks fantastic. Designs can utilise translucency, or be used as a base on which to introduce complicated designs that would be too complex for the more traditional approach of cutting the window vinyl. Use of white ink can provide interesting effects – or a solid base on which to base colour for vibrancy, or a solid middle layer to create great looking double sided solutions.

If you like what you see and you’d like to learn more about glass manifestations, click here to speak to a member of the Anton Visual team now!