A Complete Suite of Workspace Graphics in a Nutshell – Interior Graphics

In the last post, we demonstrated how Anton Visual was enlisted by commercial partners to provide an array of exterior signage and way-finding graphics for the newly refurbished HQ of Nutshell, the renowned sourcing, manufacturer and distributor of quality single portion food and beverage products.


This week, we examine how Anton Visual helped Nutshell to convey its leading personalisation and expert customisation services throughout the interior os its HQ with an array of captivating and effective workspace design and print features.

A cut logo was flush mounted to the wall in reception, hand sprayed in the company’s colours for a stunning glossy finish.

A range of art prints showcasing some of the company’s past projects were printed to wood and installed under LED lighting alongside Nutshell branding.

Various items were created for brand reinforcement, way-finding and information, including toilet signs, etch vinyl for glazing and a noticeboard for employee information.

Wall vinyls were designed and applied to a number of areas, including the breakout area, canteen area and corridors.

Wall coverings were applied to the canteen area and within the office at the coffee bar. Also in the canteen area, a bespoke network cabinet facade was created to help disguise the unsightly network cabinet. This was accompanied by the company’s squirrel device that was reverse-cut from the face to allow easy visibility of network status lights.

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