Workspace Design Lifts Global Tea Brand HQ

Anton Visual - Internal Office Graphics

With 13 offices around the world, when Van Rees UK, a market leader in tea, moved to new offices in the spring of 2019, a look that better reflected the company’s brand prominence was needed.  The company approached Anton Visual to provide workspace graphics that sympathetically projected Van Rees branding and that reflected the company’s core product and business activities, all within  a workable budget.

Anton Visual provided an array of workspace design and workspace graphics including wall graphics, glass manifestations and internal signage that together inject a splash of colour,  carrying tastefully-branded visual graphics throughout.

The final designs really are an infusion of  Van Rees, as the client was involved in the supply and suggestion of the images used.  Many of the images were taken ‘on location’, with imagery captured by Van Rees staff members and colleagues throughout the Van Rees global network supply chain.

On completion, a Van Rees spokesperson commented on Anton Visual’s service: “Looks outstanding and you guys have done a cracking job. Many thanks indeed!”

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