When the Andover-based UK division of Rich Foods, a leading global food brand, decided to bring its headquarters to life, it approached Anton Visual to produce a range of workspace design solutions, including a bespoke fairground-style sign centre-piece.

Working closely with Rich Foods, the Anton Visual team incorporated a number of workspace design production techniques.  As well as a bespoke cut-letter sign lit with bulbs, Anton Visual also manufactured and installed a suite of workspace graphics that convey Rich Foods as a superb company to do business with and one that provides a creative and uplifting workspace for its valued staff members.

Elements of the workspace graphics suite that Anton Visual provided included:

Lit Fairground Sign

Perhaps one of our proudest parts of this install was the bespoke sign we produced for outside the canteen. The canteen is named ‘Bobs’ after the founder of the business, Robert (Bob) Rich. It seemed fitting that a unique sign was hand manufactured by Anton Visual as a standout piece in this install. Lettering was cut-to-shape and wooden veneers applied to create an authentic look before applying edging and the bulbs to produce a fairground light effect sign.


Wall Coverings

Using single piece wall coverings (that’s right – no joins!), the Anton Visual team was able to create some really fantastic looking spaces. The seamless nature of the graphics provides a more natural flow to our designs, creating a more impressive end-result.



Stairwell Signage

A large acrylic logo was produced and installed in the main stairwell, accompanied by the company strap line, both produced in 10mm acrylic. The colour was applied to the reverse of clear acrylic which adds depth to the piece and helps create a pleasing, premium finish.

Acrylic Wall Graphics

To add interest to some of the walls, cut acrylic lettering conveying motivational and brand reinforcement statements was utilised, maintaining an eye-catching flow of graphic implementation throughout the premises. A large art piece featuring a slightly abstract globe was also produced in 5mm acrylic and flush mounted to the wall.


Glass Manifestation

To provide privacy and to meet with DDA guidelines, etch glass manifestation was applied to all glazed walls. In the communal meeting areas, a more graphical solution was produced. Reverse-cut wording from the etch was applied as a band across the glass to provide a level of privacy, as well as a more informal and relaxed atmosphere.



Framed Prints

Throughout the offices a series of fine art prints were produced and fitted into modern block frames, complementing the surrounding areas while not trying to take ‘centre stage’.


Associate Wall

Horizontal cable display systems were installed within the associate lobby area, providing a fantastic location for all employees to drop in, upload a picture of themselves (or something they have been up to) and print out a polaroid before hanging it on the display cables. This is a lovely team building feature that helps harness a sense of family within the Rich Foods team.

The Rich Foods team ensured that this was an enjoyable and rewarding project to work on and all of us at Anton Visual are really proud of the end result. More importantly, our client is thrilled with how the project turned out!

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About Rich Products Ltd.

A multi-national company and a global leader in food and drink that employs over 11,000 people, Rich Foods sits at around 116 on the Forbes list of America’s largest private companies. Selling circa 2,000 products across 112 countries, the Rich Foods brand represents quality and innovation, specialising in non-dairy toppings, icings and other emulsions.