Great exterior signage isn’t just a case of putting your company logo onto a banner.  There’s a great deal more consumer psychology to consider and today, the signage options are far more advanced and varied.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, to get the most out of signage, consider three key principles when designing business signs:

Number one is colour:  Colour can help to convey a brand’s identity extremely effectively.  Research has shown that 80 per cent of brand recognition is due to its colour.  Business signage might also feature the latest ‘on trend’ colours to further convey brand personality.  However, caution should be taken when selecting these colours, as what might be ‘today’s colour’, could be tomorrow’s ‘eyesore’.

Number two is contrast for readability: Most exterior business signage features either a text or graphic in a foreground, placed onto a continuous background colour.  It’s the contrast between these two that is critical to the effectiveness and to the viewers’ engagement and retention.

Number three is size: The larger the letters, the easier to read.  Not rocket science, perhaps, but this is an extremely important factor to consider when designing roadside signage.  Business signage is often displayed at a distance and passing traffic has a limited exposure time.  Similarly, the typeface used on exterior business signage is important.  Although a ‘flowery’ typeface might convey style and reflect certain brand values, it might not be easy for people to read from a distance.

Anton Visual designs exterior business signage for organisations spanning varied and numerous markets and industries.  We always take a number of factors into consideration throughout the design stages, from target group profiles, to your brand values and ethos.  Coupled with the latest signage materials and processes, we design and produce business signage that gets your brand noticed, gets your message across and therefore, provides a return on your investment.

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